Timeline to the present
• At first there was only Vadic, Tranic, Sassic, and Raynic who exist together for a time.

• Vadic then spat out Thera, Belamos, and Hakkon, one from each face.

• Hakkon later creates Jorrahu from the dust and rock of the surrounding chaos

• Hakkon then makes a bargain with Thera and Belamos so that Jorrahu is covered with life and creatures. The bargain made it so that each creature must be born and must die.

• The new world attracts the attention of Morgan who begins observing the world and gives knowledge to a few of the races on Jorrahu sparking them into sentience. At first this angers Hakkon who lashers out at Morgan scarring him, but quickly Vadic steps in and quells Hakkons anger and as a show of approval him gives the new civilizations the small piece of his knowledge of magic.

• Tranic, Raynic, and Belamos made a secret alliance to increase their own powers.

• Belamos created a knife containing knowledge from him, Tranic, and Raynic that would allow the wielder power greater than any other being on the world corrupting them in the process.

• The knife was sent unto the world and the knowledge of its existence was secreted to each of the leaders of the nations causing much war, death, and chaos as the nations fought each other over the knife

• The knife itself was lost during the wars though rumors of its powers still held sway among the nations

• After hundreds of years of war and death Vadic stepped in to reinstate balance to the world. He spat out three gems, one from each face, and gave one to each of the three most powerful nations in exchange for them to end the war.

• In anger Tranic, Raynic, and Belamos struck back at Vadic and succeeded in slicing off his face of renewal.

• However they were overwhelmed by Hakkon, Thera, and Sassic in the defense of Vadic and were defeated.

o Belamos was chained in the underworld in a scene of desert
o Tranic was locked in a cell in the middle of an elemental ocean
o Raynic ran and lost himself in the plane of elemental chaos unable to reform.

It has been millennia since Vadic stopped the wars from raging, small spats of conflicts still break out over land, money, and power but the nations hold back in fear of the full wrath of the gods.


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